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Line by Line #1

Line by line, a fan podcast. Today we had an interesting happening in the youtube world. The brilliant youtubers Mace Around the World and Adam Straughan released their brand new podcast, “Line by Line“ . The first episode was about Angelina Jordan and “7th Heaven“, where they talked about the lyrics and their interpretation of the […]


 Shield have been covered both in talent shows and by youtube artistsShield is another of Angelina Jordans originals, it was released in 2018ShieldAngelina Jordan Please be my shield against all that´s blue Love me and lead and I´ll carry through  Keep me from danger don´t leave me too soon Forgive me for all that I am […]

Angelina signs with Republic Records

 In an interview with Music Norway, Michael Astar, Angelina’s uncle and manager, revealed the news we all have been waiting for:Angelina has signed with Republic Records!Republic Records is one of the leading  record labels in the world and part of UMG; the Universal Music Group. At Republic Records Angelina will join some of the biggest […]